Good question. (And I hope the answer isn’t “Because I’m shamelessly narcissistic and…”; I write for a living. Shouldn’t I enjoy it as a hobby, as well?)

I’ve been blogging for years now; even since before Google became a verb. I’ve been on Twitter for a number of years as well. I’m even on Google+.

Blogs are great when you either want to present lots of related information all in one go, or to ramble and pontificate and include lots of media links and so on. They’re as close as most people will come, post-1997 or so, to hosting “their own Web site”. Twittter (and G+) are good for putting short thoughts out into the wild, with links to a longer post on the subject, by you or someone else. Most people aren’t on Google+; it’s the unpopular kid at the playground who all the bigger kids like to run around and pretend he’s not there.

None of the above are really good for setting down short thoughts of up to a half-dozen purpose-written paragraphs. I, like legions of others, have shoehorned those into “(1/27)…(27/27)” Tweets. That’s just evil. I won’t do that, ever again. Please, don’t you do it, either.

I’m hoping this will be better for thinking in super-tweet-sized thoughts without going through quite as much ritual as is involved in publishing a “regular” blog post. We’ll see.

Jeff Dickey

Software and Web developer. Tamer of deadlines. Enchanter of stakeholders.