Learning Java is so weird because it’s based in C and I learned C++ about 7 years ago and mostly forgot, so now I’m just remembering this vague distant memory but everything I do now is different. 

Why can’t we all just cout« and cin»?


One of the gravest injuries suffered by recent generations of developers was sub-standard compiler vendors marketing their schlock as “C/C++” until they got their house in order, Visual or otherwise. C++ is to C roughly as C is to assembler, except in reverse. That is, instead of asking “Which C” (for “which assembler”, as 68000 is very different than 8086…), the question is “which C++”. One of the thorniest questions any C++ shop, or project, has to answer is “what subset of the language do we use, since nobody except (possibly, as a theoretical exercise at most) Stroustrup has ever used even a statistically-significant subset of the whole thing?”_

C++ is the PL/I of our time.

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