…thinking some people might wonder if I’m nibbling on the punctuation.

The comment above an internal class-within-a-class (in Ruby) I’m just finishing off reads:

    # Information about a blog entry, currently only body and title. This is
    # a *subset* of what's stored in the database (e.g., no timestamps), and
    # is meant to quack properly to code that wants to *think* of a thing as a
    # blog post, but has no business whatever touching the actual machinery.
    # This is arguably a permissible violation of the Law of Leaky
    # Abstractions, invoking the Interface Segregation Principle.

SOLID is a basic tool of minimal developer proficiency. So, in my view, is Spolsky’s Law of Leaky Abstractionsexcept where it contravenes SOLID (usually the ISP).


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