If you can see this, you’re not too close; we’re just back on the air with GitHub Pages.

Jekyll itself is a surprisingly straightforward blogging system, considering the fact that every single Jekyll blog in existence is a fork of someone else’s blog (including templates which are blogs stripped of content). Attempting to customise them haphasardly, especially when combined with the niceties of Github Pages, however, gives one a finely-crafted weapon of mass distraction. The target of that distraction will likely be yourself; I’m still experimenting here, but I’ve finally found a “theme” (content-free template) dbyll by @dbtek (İsmail Demirbilek) that has the features I’ve been looking for from plugins (which aren’t supported by GitHub Pages): tags, categories, enhanced contact info, and (coming soon), my CV.

In the meantime, let me know how this looks, and enjoy your voyage aboard Kobayashi Maru. What is this, our fifth tour?

Jeff Dickey

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