While reviewing a basic Sinatra app from a dev who’s newly returning to the craft after a many-years-long absence, I noticed that a Git repo with 3 commits in it took 21.5 MB to transfer. The experienced among you can probably figure out what happened; the Vim backup files (foo.rb~ and friends) were being saved, along with his entire vendor/ subdirectory. Further, his .gitignore appears to have been cargo-culled from a Rails app.

It’s easy to blame the guy; after all, there’s an abundance of reading material for Git out there (tutorials, books, etc). But it’s not completely fair; we don’t (yet) have shop standards for setting up a non-Rails project at all (and the Rails-project doc assumes a certain level of knowledge and experience). As Chief Engineer, lead developer and, in truth, the only senior dev in our shop, it’s my responsibility to set standards and/or write documentation for things like that — on top of the other things I do in my 90+-hour work weeks, like write code that “ought to be” written by the 4-5 devs we don’t have, or covered in the training paid for by the similarly nonexistent budget.

I’m familiar with several base Rails apps such as Thoughtbot’s suspenders and with various Rails app builders; we’re branching out into and/or evaluating other frameworks as well. Does anyone have any recommendations for “starter kits” for non-Rails Ruby apps — Sinatra, Padrino, Roda, etc?

Jeff Dickey

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