Yak Shaving Sometimes Needs Chainsaws

After far too long in the wilderness, a project is subjected to reality

In Defence of Use Cases, and the Service Objects Encapsulating Them

Many service objects in production serve as excellent arguments against the entire concept.

Hard-working CSRs Can't Fix Bad Policy

I can't believe I'm the first one to run into this. But when Big Tech is big enough, it stops caring about the once-every-year problems (or even once-every-week problems).

A Test Is Not A Unit Test If It Does Too Much

Thoughts on an epic Tweet defining what unit tests ARE NOT

The Best Thing About GitHub Actions Is...

GitHub Actions, CircleCI, and the light they shine on the Web-deployment clusterfsck

An Interactor or a Use Case?

A discussion of a simple feature that can be implemented in a Hanami interactor, and why you might want to think differently

What Gems Do I Start With?

Helping answer the question, 'What will keep me sane as a developer?'

Enthusiastically Poking at Hanami

Finally! A Ruby Web framework people can use with a straight face!

Using Tools and/or Solving Problems

A funny thing happened on the way to deployment

Developers Get Split Personalities

Productivity and perfectionism CANNOT mix. Deal.

zsh; Oh, My!

Improved productivity comes from little things. Sometimes, from little *big* things.

A Plea for Tools

The Rails ecosystem has beaucoup tools. Other Ruby ecosystems?

It Lives Again. Sigh

We *think* we're back on the air; let's see how long we stay there.

Ruby Is Not Haskell, But...

Ruby isn't 'primarily' a functional language. But that doesn't mean that functional concepts shouldn't be used in Ruby.

Swarms of Simplicity

Simplifying one thing *always* introduces a different kind of complexity.

Ruby Is Not Haskell. Deal.

Just because a language *can* do a thing, does not make it the *best tool* for that thing.

Themes? What themes?

I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Change is HARD

A meditative lamentation on independently moving parts.

Change is.

Change is good. Change is a sign of life. Change that moves you towards your goal is a Good Thing™.

Change is the Only Thing that Never Changes

I keep running across questions on various lists along the lines of “why is agile better than waterfall, besides it not being waterfall?” The answer to that bit me once again over the weekend: agility is better because, done reasonably well, it responds to change far better (by any standard) than waterfall does.