Bootstrap and alternates are GREAT! Except when they lead to...

divitis like this (in a Slim template):

Bootstrap and alternates are GREAT! Except when they lead to...

We’re up on Jekyll! I believe the appropriate technical term at this point is


Plan #74,169 for Improved Productivity in Communication is underway. Watch this space!

More likely to be an old-school PHP guy than a Rubyist.

There’s something about a community culture that, more often than not, treats a lack of tests as a defect in itself, compared to one that’s been ravaged by “Have a WEBSITE for $10”- and “Learn X in 21 Seconds”-level stupidity.

Imitation Is NOT The Highest Form of Usability.

I really appreciate Slim view templates. What I don’t appreciate is Haml-style shorthand for things like CSS class names.

Lotus - A complete web framework for Ruby

Lotus — A complete web framework for Ruby

This just earned a place high atop my “Tools to Evaluate” list; largely due to the overall description in the main project README, and utterly cemented by this bit in the Lotus::View README:

It’s based on a separation between views and templates.

A view is an object that encapsulates the presentation logic of a page. A template is a file that defines the semantic and visual elements of a page. In order to show a result to an user, a template must be rendered by a view.

No more inscrutable magic in Rails view handling! Thank you!

Privacy isn't always easy. Especially in real life, or in Ruby.

If you have something like

Not eating my words, but…

…thinking some people might wonder if I’m nibbling on the punctuation.

Change [is/may be/should be/huh?] good…

Fiddling around again… Just changed the theme of this Tumblr from Optimus to Paper, Seems a bit easier to read to these tired eyes, but tell me what you think.

Rails, Circular Logic and Incremental Big Bang Architecture

Rails is a fantastic solution to a well-understood class of problem: the CRUD-oriented (or REST-oriented) query/report/update Web application, circa 2004-2006. Its philosophy of curation over configuration, despite having been likened to the report-producing languages of old (such as IBM RPG II, means that you really only have two things to worry about: your domain business logic and page transitions (which is another way of saying “your domain business logic, as it applies to presentation”).

Language, UX Epic Fail, Laziness and Hubris

Watch this!

Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) @ RailsConf Chicago 2014

Interview with David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) @ RailsConf Chicago 2014

Daniel O'Connor: Rails, how developers grow, and what's wrong with it.

Daniel O’Connor: Rails, how developers grow, and what’s wrong with it

Welcome to Programming


C++ is the PL/I of our time.


The thing about programming is that if somebody can’t format their code…

The thing about programming is that if somebody can’t format their code neatly and consistently, it’s hard to trust their logic, even though it has no real technical bearing.

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True. Another thing that keeps me from taking code seriously is rampant bad grammar and misspelling. Of course, with the utter destruction of the American public-education system (in particular) some 40 years ago, this is now pandemic.



Now we don’t do things — we talk about them and they come into existence.  This is our magic.  The written word manifest.

But any insufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology — a logical inference from Clarke’s Third Law.

Documentation Is Like Sex; Reposting in Agreement

Documentation is like sex: when it is good, it is very, very good; and when it is bad, it is better than nothing.

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dcarrot2 on Weinberg's Second Law


Weinberg’s Second Law: *”If builders built buildings the way programmers wrote programs, then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.”*

I think it’s truly terrifying to think how many everyday things are dependent on code. Your finances. Your computer. Your car. Your phone. Good code that is able to be well maintained perhaps is a true rarity.

Dash: It's Not a Bug; It's A Feature AND A Bug!


It’s not a bug…it’s a feature.

And a Bug has never been a bug!

A Bug and a feature, not a bug

Software development requires a sharp mind and sharper eyes.

Quick! In a Script source file for Ruby on Rails, what’s the difference between